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Juicing Recipes From Fitlife.TV Star Drew Canole For Vitality and Health

Juicing Recipes From Fitlife.TV Star Drew Canole For Vitality and Health - Drew Canole The recommended amount of servings of fruits and vegetables a person is supposed to get is 5 to 10 a day and I was not even close to that. So I decided to get a juicer to help me get there, and I needed some recipes and information about juicing. I got a few samples sent to my kindle and picked this book to purchase first.

It has many recipes, both for fruit and veg, and so far those I've tried have been very good.......except for the one vegetable recipe I tried.

It was truly terrible! Now I'm sure not all people will feel this way, by all means try the vegetables......but sweet baby Jesus, for me, it was awful. I love properly cooked veggies, well most of them, but I have never been a fan of raw veggies except for the lettuce family. I guess I shouldn't be surprised I didn't like a bunch of ground up and squeezed out raw veg all mixed up together.

My reaction went something like this.....

First sip: Hey, that's not that bad.
Second sip: Meh, it isn't knocking my socks off.
Third sip: Oh God, yuck......I'll keep going if it kills me.
Fourth: I am not going much further....
Fifth: Okay, that's it I quit!

If any of you out you have done this juicing thing and have any recipes for me to try that you think I might find palatable.....please pass it along. In the mean time, I will stick to the fruit juices until I hear back from you.