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Meanwhile, Back in Lilliput The Lilliputian Congress Is At It Again!

Lilliput-The Land of the little people


         Today, the Lilliputian Congress debates the national budget.  The "Big Enders," who wanted the seat next to the Toasters because it goes with their teapot very nicely,  Successfully read Dr. Seuss for 48 hours marking the 6th time in 6 years that they failed to pass a budget before the government shut down.  This puts hundreds of thousands of workers without paychecks indefinitely and the entire country out of important services until hell freezes over. 


            Not enough to take 20% of all government employees pay checks for 7 weeks over the summer.  Now as debate doesn't continue, with no agreement in sight, all government workers will be locked out of work and therefore will not get paid.  


          "It's not acceptable that the Little Enders get to pass laws and try to govern when we want to steal money and give it to the people who really take care of us...I mean Oil Companies and the NRA, real Christians like that, not hospital workers, Department of Defense civilians and other free loaders like that... It's not acceptable that they pass laws.  We won't stop until all laws passed by Little Enders are deemed retroactive upon our say so, or applicable to those we say they should go to.   No, we have no plan on how to do it that will work, but that's not important.  The important thing is to make the Little Enders look bad."


           In his defiant response to the Big Enders, the head Congressional Little Ender said.  "Well, maybe we should let the government shut down and stop paying the hundreds of thousands of families that need the money, then, we'll let the Big Enders have their way and blame it on the voters for not voting them out of office."  


           In Response to the response the Big Ender Tea Potter Toasterhead said that if the Little Enders try anything like giving us what we want, we'll blame the President!"  


          To which the Little Ender's Caucus Leader said, "What?"


          Then Missy Meanbottom the Big Ender Whips said, "That does it, those unGodly Heathens have gone too far!"   


         And the debate continues.  Meanwhile, those already reeling, already hurt from loosing 20% of their pay, not counting going through the same shut down drill annually for the past 6 years go again without any idea when or if they'll get paid next.   


        Maybe we should sick STGRB on Congress?