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The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains - Nicholas G. Carr All the way through this book I was thinking....."yeah, and?" "is this really news to anyone"?

My brain is different, not special, just different and I went through a lot of crap before I came to this realization.

I'm dyslexic, something that was never diagnosed, because they didn't have a word for it back in the day. It's not disabling. I confuse left and right, can't spell worth a poo (thank the gods for spell check) and I read r e a l l y s l o w l y. Plus I'm ambidextrous...which has something to do with it, I've read. It also was kind of obvious that there was a side of ADD thrown in for kicks (or normal, more kids are ADD than not).

But I still love books, and it is painful for me to get through some....some I would just give up on. Then I discovered the audio book.....then the IPOD, and it changed my life,(although I still read print books as well), now I can get through any book. Audio had always been my preferred way of learning. Reading, to learn was always very hard for me. I couldn't stay focused, I would read and re read and have a difficult time retaining it. If only my text books were on audible.

The reason I bring this up is this book was basically describing my brain, as it has always been. The internet did not do this to me, but it's doing this to you. Now every one is becoming like me...... Welcome!

What Carr is saying in this book is that the internet, and other technologies, are making our brains less able to read for long periods of time. Reading an entire book is becoming increasingly more difficult, since we are now used to getting our information in tiny bite size pieces. Also email has brought ADD into the mix since we tend to check it a ridiculous amount of times, while trying to focus on work.

The whole time I was reading this book I kept thinking "wow....he really could have got this out with a lot fewer words." "I get it...our brains are changing....blah be blah be blah"!

The book was very interesting....I'm just being silly.