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Master Strokes: Watercolor: A Step-By-Step Guide to Using the Techniques of the Masters
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The Mad Art of Caricature!: A Serious Guide to Drawing Funny Faces
Tom Richmond (Illustrator)
The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity - Julia Cameron I read The Artist's Way a few years ago and could see the benefits of actually doing the work in it. But, of course, I never did it. So I thought I would listen to the book and refresh my memory, and again I feel it would do me good. But will I do it this time?

I have many other artists friends who have read it and also planned on doing it, but I don't know if they have either...

The Artist Way is a book written to unblock artist of a kinds, writers, painters, actors ect. I can't say that I'm blocked, but it is hard to carve out time and feel creative in this crazy world we live in today. It is even harder to work on something of your own when you are actually working in the art field daily. The last thing you want to do when you get home from work is more work.

The book is full of exercises to get you on that creative path, week by week, 12 in all (I think). The main exercise, one you do the whole time, is the one that is holding me back from starting. It's called Morning Pages. This exercise is doing a stream of consciousness journal first thing in the morning every morning. I am not a morning person, and I don't know many artists that are so writing anything, even spewing crazy off the wall and top of your head stuff is asking a lot. I don't think I could hold a pen at that moment, let alone actually write with it. Before coffee?

I do recommend this book to all my creative friends reading this. As I said, I can see how it would work.....if you did it. You can't win, if you don't play.