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True Grit - Charles Portis Several things drew me to this book. First, the Coen brothers decided to do an adaptation of this book and second, some good friends wrote some fantastic reviews of it.

Because they did such a good job of telling what the book was about, I won't go into much detail, but I will talk a little bit about something I observed about the main character Mattie Ross.

Mattie Ross makes the decision, at the age of fourteen, to avenge her fathers murder. She hires "Rooster" Cogburn, a federal marshal with true grit to hunt down the man who shot her father to death. Unbeknown to Rooster, she plans, and does go with him and a Texas ranger LaBoeuf on the manhunt into the Cherokee nation.

This is probably the best portrait of a person with Asperger's syndrome I have come across. Mattie is single minded, she will succeed in whatever she sets her mind to. She's poor on the social skills. Unemotional to a fault, she barely gets upset when falls down a pit with snakes for cripes sake. The only time she even sheds a tear is when she gets spanked (physical touch), but is stoic when viewing her father's body.

Now I have only seen clips of the original movie, but I have seen the Coen brothers version and I have to say Hallie in the newer version hits the unemotional character dead on. From what I have seen of the John Wayne movie, that actress is way emotional.

Mattie is one of the best written characters I have read.

It's a good book folks....read it!