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Mr. Peanut - Adam Ross Mr. Peanut is an odd book. I not so sure whether it's in a good way, or a bad way.

On the surface it's a straight up crime/mystery novel. Nothing to see here folks move along. It is a story of marriage, several of them and murders that happen along the way. But then the book gets all trippy, and you don't know for sure what is a "real" murder, and what's not.....maybe they all happened. I'll never tell. I'm not sure I even know at this point.

Part of this book is set in my stomping ground......

Adam mentions,Put-in-Bay an Island in Lake Erie on which many of my dead brain cells reside as well as my pissed off liver.

Avon Ohio, 20 minutes from here and very boring.....not much to write about there.

But then he mentions Sandusky, where I'm sitting right now. "Do you remember Sandusky.....ah Sandusky" as some romantic get away. I believe I laughed so hard my skinny vanilla latte came out my nose....a little. Sandusky is many things, it's got Cedar Point and water parks, but a romantic get away it is not. This may have been the most unbelievable part.

Mr. Peanut is a good book for the most part, but I felt the author tried a little too hard. He was going for "wow! I did not see that cool turn of events coming", but succeeded at getting a "what? Huh....ok then", from me.