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Go the Fuck to Sleep - Adam Mansbach, Ricardo Cortés Way back in the day, when I was new to drawing peoples faces for a living I ran across a couple of people that still pop up in my memory. This book jogged it to the front of my brain once again.

Picture a rather large Italian American man, think Chris Christie, think Tony Soprano. Now picture this mans child of the approximate age of 7. Listen...hear the heavy New Jersey accents......and....

Tony: So, uhh, d'ya tink yous can draw my kid?

Me: Um, sure. ?

Kid: Awe c'mon dad! I wanna ride some coasters!

Tony: Shut the F@&k up! Don't yous see I'm talking to the lady here? Where's your F#&kn' manners! (slap to the back of the head).

Kid: F$#k dad! Dat hurt!!


Tony: Shut the F#@k up....I mean it! Sit down, the nice lady is gonna draw you. Does he have to sit still miss?

Me: (gulp) It helps.

Tony: Sit down, shut up and don't you F&*kn' move or I will slap your F&*kn' head off! You hear me?

Kid: Yeah dad I F&*kn' hear you, I won't F&*kn' move....promise.

It went on like this through the entire sketch. It was all I could do not to burst with laughter. I really wasn't ready to die yet. Did I mention the kid was seven?

I find it HILARIOUS when little kids drop the F bomb. I know it would not be funny if all of them did it, but it is just so funny when it happens....that such a innocent little angelic face can produce this word makes me giggle.

I think Tony would have no issue reading this book to hid children. In fact I don't think he would realize it was a joke.