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The Child Thief - Brom I don't know how I feel about this book.

As a child fairy tales creeped me out. Who wouldn't be with wolves killing and eating grandmas, people being shoved in ovens, talking pigs.....wooden boys.....eek. I wasn't even fond of Santa.

So it shouldn't have been any surprise to me that I wasn't all that in love with this book. It was well written and I understood the concept, but I just couldn't bring myself to like it. This part where Peter walks and talks as a newborn, ahhhhhhhhaakkkk!, so creepy!

Peter Pan, usually happy go lucky perpetual boy in green tights (see, already eww), story is told in a dark, sinister way (not so different from the original). Peter is saving abused and battered children by bringing them to Avalon, where they are trained as warriors and are constantly in danger of death. I don't see how this is better for them and neither does Nick, a boy Peter "rescues" from bad shit going down in Brooklyn NY.

After crossing the Mist, a zone of the in-betweens, between our world and Avalon in which Nick encounters a myriad of crazy creatures trying to kill him. Then experiencing life as one of the Devils (that is what the pack of Peter's of stolen kids are called) he really wants to go home.

That proves to be difficult.

I didn't hate this book. I found it interesting enough to finish, and many love this book, I just could have went without it.