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The Lost Hero - Rick Riordan, Joshua Swanson Last weekend I drew a 12yr old girl named Ashley(I'm a caricature/portrait artist, for those who don't know). When you have a person in your chair, and they are staring back at you, you feel obligated to have a conversation. Over time you just get bored asking the same question over and over......and over. "what grade are you in?" "What do you do up there in Detroit?" "Is this your first visit to unnamed water park?" ect.

One thing I like to ask kids is "What is your favorite subject?" Nine times out of ten you get "recess" or "gym" (the kiss ups say Art), but Ashley said English.

Me: So, do they have you read a lot of books?

Ashley: um.....uh huh!

Me: What are you reading right now?

Ashley: Mocking Jay, the 3rd Hunger Games book. I love them!

Me: Oh my god, I loved the Hunger Game series! So are you team Peeta or team Gale?

Ashley: Team Gale, naturally.

Me: NUH UH! I'm Peeta all the way.

So the conversation continues through the sketch, I go up to the register to ring up the parents whom are looking at me with an odd expression on their faces. Now its not with rage so I assume they like the sketch. Then I realize it was because I was having an in-depth conversation with their 12yr old about a book written for 12yr olds(ish).

That got me thinking, maybe I should limit my YA books. After all I'm serious adult with a serious job of making fun of peoples faces, maybe all my book choices should be serious as well.


They just entertain me, like The Last Hero did. This book is a continuation of the Percy Jackson books, which is a story about demi gods. Kids that are half human and half god (think Greek gods) and the quests they must go on. On these quests they run into all sorts of mythological creatures, like Medusa, cyclopes, satyrs and the like. It's all a great big ball of fun, and I know more about Greek mythology then I thought I ever would.

I enjoyed The Last Hero, who cares if only tons of 12yr olds agree.