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The Mad Art of Caricature!: A Serious Guide to Drawing Funny Faces
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The World Without Us - Alan Weisman If you are like me “The World Without Us” will cause you want to do one of two things.

A: Find a remote wilderness and build a cabin. Add a few chickens, goats, cows ect. and live off the land with as much peace of mind you can muster until man destroys the planet. Or

B. Say "AWWW F**K IT", and put all regular, old fashioned light bulbs in all your lamps and turn them on. Leave your house, with the air conditioner running, get in your Hummer, and drive across the country…..just because you can. Eat as much factory farmed meat as you can stand on the way…..’cause you are crazy like that!

Steal a truck loaded with nuclear waste and drive it Thelma and Louise style into the Grand Canyon, committing a spectacular environmental suicide.

I feel better now.

This book is a very good book, but it is a tad, well, depressing. I recommend it because (not only do I want to drag you down with me) of its important information. We all need to be informed.

The World Without Us examines what the earth would be like if man were to just disappear. How long would it take the earth to rid itself of all traces of us? Turns out not very long geologically, but bronze statues and Barbie and Ken in the landfill will stand the test of time.

One point the author makes, our problems (well most of them) could be fixed, or greatly improved, if all women of child bearing age would agree to have just one child. I don’t see this happening but, I do think maybe we should stop glorifying women who have litters of children.

That would be a start.