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The Magician King - Lev Grossman Though I wasn't totally in love with the first book in this series, The Magicians, I did like this book a bit better. Enough for four stars at least.

In the Magician Kings we meet up with Quentin and friends again, this time as kings and queens of Fillory. Fillory is a magical place outside of Earth as we know it. I found this king and queen stuff corny, and I still couldn't stand the whiny, self absorbed Quentin......twerp. I'm sure the author ment for him to be that annoying but I could bearly stand him. For the first half of the book my eyes did a lot of rolling, and I muttered a few "come on's" under my breath. But things thankfully picked up for the last half of the book.

Julia's story saved this book for me. Julia is one of Quentin's high school friends who took the Breakbills (think Hogwarts at the college level) entrance exam, but failed. Her memory of Breakbills was supposed to wiped out when she was sent away, but it didn't work. So she went out on her own learning magic, not an easy task. She made many sacrifices to gain proficiency, and knowledge, which made her the best out of all of them. I doubt very much that Quentin would have had the nads to do the same.

The plot twists at the end were quite good, but of course I can't spoil those for you, and they made this book worth the read. Even made up for Quentin's douchieness.