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The Mad Art of Caricature!: A Serious Guide to Drawing Funny Faces
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The Tao of Pooh - Benjamin Hoff “Hello there! Aren’t you Winnie the Pooh? I’m a big fan.”

“Yes I am. How do you know me?” Asked Pooh.

“There have been many books written about you and your friends. The most recent one is about how you are a western Taoist.”


“A western what?”

“Taoist” I said, “it’s very hard to explain, I’m no expert. In fact the whole book was about the author trying to explain it to you, and you would say “oh.”

“Oh.” Said Pooh.

“From what I understand you are an un-carved block.”

“Oh” said Pooh.

“An un-carved what?”

“I know, I don’t entirely get it either. “ I said”something about how you are not very smart, therefore you don’t over think things like Rabbit.”

“Oh” said Pooh.

“You enjoy the day and blow off any important things you really should be doing, and listen to the birds chirp simply because it’s a nice day.” I said “in Taoism procrastination is good, my kind of philosophy. But I’m sure it’s more complicated than that.”

“Oh.” Said Pooh.

“I was about to go get some honey, it’s my favorite thing.” Said Pooh “would you like some…..uh…..what is your name?”

“Stephanie, and thanks Pooh, I would love some.”

What this little book made me want to do is read the Winnie the Pooh books by A. A. Milne. I wonder if he was trying to write these stories to illustrate Taoist philosophies, if so, he was more of a genius than I previously thought.

Cute book, I listened to the audio version and it was well read.