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The Mad Art of Caricature!: A Serious Guide to Drawing Funny Faces
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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor Laini Taylor has PINK hair, really pink hair. freaking fantastic, that hair. Oh, and she is a visual artist as well, so I liked her before I read a word.


Daughter of Smoke and Bone is unique, no vampires in the whole darn book.

Karou is a young, blue haired, art student in Prague. She is a bit of a mystery, not only to her friends, but to herself. She has no idea who she is. All she remembers is growing up in a shop populated by those she considers her family, chimera, beings that are part beast, part human. Her father figure, Brimstone, collects teeth (eww) for reasons unknown to Karou. He also manufactures wishes that are in the form of coins in different levels of denomination. Some are small but useful, like causing uncomfortable itches. A little bigger and you can have yourself blue hair….bigger still and you can fly. Many people want these wishes so they trade teeth for them and not necessarily their own.

Brimstone sends Karou through portholes that empty to different places around the world, on “errands” to get these teeth for him and his work. On one such errand she runs into an angel, or seraphim, which are the Chimeras mortal enemies. So of course Karou and Akiva (angel) fall in love instantly…..because he is beautiful and has tiger eyes and flaming wings. What else can a girl ask for? I know I am long past fifteen, and this stuff sells to that demographic…..but come on! As my friend Amanda points out in her review, it would be a good thing to keep the female lead character kick ass and independent a while before she melts into a puddle of goo the minute some good looking angel walks into the room.

I really enjoyed this book from an artist’s point of view. You can tell the author was an art student herself by the mere mention of sketch books. Karou always had a sketch book and was filling them up one after another which chronicled her life. She was on number 93! It was always stressed to me by fellow artists I admired to always have a sketch book and work to fill them up as fast as you can. One such artist, who constantly was drawing in his sketch book now has an Oscar to show for it. I, who was too lazy or not that interested in filling sketch books , do not.