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How to Save a Life - Sara Zarr Reasons I chose to read this book.

1. I like the song.
2. I liked the cover.
3. Favorable reviews on GRs.
4. Free download from the library.

But I would not have chosen to read the book solely on the synopsis of this book. Reading about pregnant teens is not my firs choice. So imagine my surprise at how much I loved this book. The story is told in dual perspectives.

Jill MacSweeney was once an outgoing girl with lots of friends and a boyfriend, Dillon. She turns inward, and pushes her friends, Dillon and mother, Robin, away after she lost the one person who understood her, her father. One day Jill’s mother decides she wants to adopt a baby and she feels as if her mother is trying to replace her father.

Enter Mandy Kalinowski, a teenage girl, pregnant and desperate to get away from her life. I don’t blame her, she had a mother who did not want her and told her so at every turn. Mandy’s mother had boyfriend after boyfriend, and Mandy had to move in with and adjust to each one.

Both girls’ lives needed some saving.

This book was moving. It had the potential to be sappy, but it didn’t go there. It is hard to explain what made me love this book, the words are hard to find. I identify with Jill. I have a tendency to keep to myself and hold people at a distance sometimes. Maybe I should stop being like that.

Mandy was heartbreaking. Here’s a little bit of her……

About the 100th time someone yells at me to push. I think no. I would say it out loud if I thought I had the strength. I’d look at Robin and say it. I know what she’d say back, that I have to start saying yes. I have to start saying yes. I give my whole body to yes.

Yes to trust.
Yes to a new family.
Yes to hope.
Yes to staying.
Yes to my daughter.
Yes to me.

This made me think. I need to start saying yes more. So I immediately said yes to a MaryKay party (I normally would have avoided at all costs) and had myself plastered with makeup. Not really my kind of thing, but I had fun and I didn’t look all that bad. Not remotely tart like. Glad I said “yes”.