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Master Strokes: Watercolor: A Step-By-Step Guide to Using the Techniques of the Masters
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The Mad Art of Caricature!: A Serious Guide to Drawing Funny Faces
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This Is How: Proven Aid in Overcoming Shyness, Molestation, Fatness, Spinsterhood, Grief, Disease, Lushery, Decrepitude & More. For Young and Old Alike. - Augusten Burroughs I have read most of Augustin Burroughs books and I enjoyed all of them. I know there is controversy about the whether or not his memoirs are truly memoirs or not, I don’t care. If the book entertains me I don’t care if the author used a creative license here and there on parts of the book, especially if it improves the book, just as long as it’s not a total fabrication. Some of you might think I’m wrong and that’s fine.

So I get this book based on who wrote it. It is a self help book (usually annoying), but knowing the author I knew it would not be typical. It’s not. I was blown away by how much I liked it. I was pleasantly shocked by it. It’s candid, funny, cynical, and heartbreaking. It is not at all about positivity, double rainbows or unicorns that fart glitter, it is a straight forward “this is what happened to me, it sucked, and this is how I survived it.”

The book starts with Augsten in an elevator after a bad break up and looking every bit as unhappy as he was, when he has an unwanted encounter with a “People Person.” She told him “whatever it was it’s not that bad.” And that “all he had to do was smile and he would feel better.” I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like it when someone tells me to “Smile.” What I feel like doing when someone says that to me is to punch them in the throat. Augusten felt similarly, I think what he thought was “Die bitch.”

But he did question why that made him so angry, the lady was just trying to help him. He then immediately saw an article on his computer that stated a study that positive affirmations only work on people who are already positive. It makes things worse for those on the negative side. I thought……duh. So he decided to right a self help book for people like him, he certainly went through enough crap in his life to have enough material.

Here’s a list of the chapters.

How to ride an elevator
How to feel like shit
How to find love
How to be fat
How to be thin
How to feel sorry for yourself
How to be confident
How to fail
How to get the job
How to shatter shame
How to see the truth behind the truth
How to end your life
How to remain unhealed
Why having it all is not
How to get over your addiction to the past
How to be a good mental patient
How to make yourself uncomfortable (and why you should)
How to finish your drink
How to hold on to your dream (or maybe not)
How to identify love by knowing what it is not
How to live unhappily ever after
How to feel less regret
How to stop being afraid of your anger
How to be sick
How to lose someone you love
How to let a child die
How to change the world by yourself
This is why