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Get Off Your "But": How to End Self-Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself - Sean Stephenson, Anthony Robbins The corny title drew me to pick this book up initially. I thought "I bet this is really aweful, perfect for a scathing review." But it wasn't the case.

The author, Sean Stephenson, was born with a brittle bone disease. During his birth every bone in his body broke. The poor baby was shattered, born into excruciating pain. None of the doctors believed he would survive for long, but he did.

Because of his disease he had constant fractures through his childhood, and wherever these fractures happened that 's where he would have to stay. Fragil as he was, moving him would break more bones. So they would have to adapt everyday life around the situation, eating, sleeping, and...well other things, would happen right there in the very same spot. He never grew taller than three feet tall, and is confined to a wheelchair.

Sean went to college and got a degree in political science. Afterward, he landed an internship in the Clinton Whitehouse. Became an inspitational speaker, which led to a degree in psychology, leading Sean into being a therapist. He also has a very active dating life.

The next time you feel like whining about how hard life is, think about this guy...........take a moment, then STFU.

Much of what he said in this book has been said before, oddly though I got some of it this time in a way I hadn't before. Gratitude, for one thing, is something I understood intellectually, but I never truly knew what all these new-age people were getting at. But the author told a story about going out for a walk around the neighborhood, he started out in a good mood but then it took a turn as he looked around and he started focusing on all he didn't have. Didn't have that big house, that family (we all do this stuff) soon he was in a rotten mood. At this point he started thinking all that he did have, good friends, great job, and began to feel much better.

If you are grateful about what you do have, and who is in your life, it's is impossible to wallow in the stuff you don't have.