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The Weird Sisters - Eleanor Brown Is every book set in Ohio?

This is the second book in a row that I have read set here in Ohio. The first one,Knockemstiff, was most excellent; Weird Sisters I’m sorry to say was shit. This book was just, beyond words, sucky. Gack! I even finished it because I wasn’t going to let it beat me.

Here’s the clever premise. Three sisters by the names of Bianca, Cordelia , and Rose (short for Roselyn? I just don’t care) are born to a family who can’t stop reading…..ever. They are born to parents whose names I don’t recall (and I don’t care), in a fictional town of Barnwell, Ohio, home to Barnwell college (university? I don’t care). Why the author didn’t pick an actual small town university (Ohio has 194 colleges and universities) like Oberlin? I do not know. That would have been the perfect setting for this book, and it would have made it a little more interesting………anyway.

The dad is a professor at Barmwell, and reads nothing but Shakespeare, and quotes it in every possible moment like Rainman. The guy answers all questions with a Shakespearean quote……..EVERY FRICKEN ONE! It gets really annoying. Oh, did I mention that the three sisters are named after Shakespearean characters? Duh, of course they are. They mention how guys would make fun of them on dates when they figured out the connection. Oh please! I’m going to say at least 65% of Ohioans have never read Shakespeare at any length, and I think that generous. Of those who have 98% do not have Shakespeare at the forefront of their brains enough to say “hey, are you named after the Cordelia in that Shakespeare play?” nuh-uh. I would be more apt to ask “hey, are you named after Cordelia from Buffy?”

All three sisters are unlikeable. Each character is so flat and not fleshed out that I have no clue what they looked like, and I don’t care. All through the book the author kept reminding us that these people read a lot of books and constantly quote Shakespeare (I GET IT!) , they are elitists.

Stupid, stupid, stupid……..I want those six hours back please.