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The Dog Stars - Peter Heller, Mark Deakins If this book didn't have a dog as one of the mian characters this would have been a three star for me.

Hig survives a super flu out break that kills off everyone he loves except for his dog Jasper and his airplane The Beast (which is also the name of an awesome roller coaster at Kings Island in Cincinnatti). He teams up with a man who is now a sociopath, but might not have always been before the shit hit the fan. They hold up at a small airport that they can protect with the help of a tower, a few guns, good aim, a dog that growls at the sign of trouble and the Beast that Hig flys to scope the area for intruders. Because, you see, everyone turns mean and murderous.

This is a problem I am beginning to have with books like this (I know it's distopian), the assumption when something really bad happens, like a super flu, everybody who had moral values prior to the event turn into killing machines automatically. I don't believe that is the way it would go down in reality. When 9/11 happened everyone pulled together and were kinder to one another than they were on 9/10, at least for a little while. So I believe if a pandemic were to sweep the globe and kill almost everyone, human nature would bring people together probably out of shear loneliness more than anything. "oh hi there! Good god it's been a long time since I've seen another face! Too bad we can't talk and get to know each other because I have to kill you.". Bang! "Now that's a shame."

But that would'nt make for a very good story, and this story was about a bleak future for the human race. As far as that's concerned I think the author did a good job. I did have an issue with the part where after Hig finds a couple of other people and after he convinces them not to kill him and then plans to fly them out , he does all this math to calculate how much weight he can safely carry on take off, figures out he would have to leave the man and take the woman...but barely. So the plan is to pick up the man from a near by stretch of highway where take off would be easier, ok, cool, that's smart. They load up the plane with gear, a couple of lambs, and the girlfriend and they just barely make it over the trees. Hey, dumbass, why didn't the girlfriend, gear and lambs go to the highway with the dad? I'm sure if the frail women couldn't walk some kind of cart pulled by left behind livestock could have been devised!.......so that was kind of rediculus.

But the best part of the book is the relationship between Hig and his dog Jasper. Jasper is all that is left of his old life, a reminder of how life used to be before. He did a good job with that.