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Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife - Eben Alexander Ever since I read this stinker, a book bent on manipulating you into Christianity, and not in proving an afterlife, I had been kind of keeping an eye out for a book that was a credible counterpart to it. I had heard stories of NDEs previous to reading Heaven is For Real, and new such credible cases did exist.

Well, the other night I was flipping channels and stopped on 20/20 because, being that it was close to Halloween they were doing stories on the paranormal and the afterlife. I’m a sucker for this sort of stuff so I watched. One of the stories was about Eben Alexander M.D., a neurosurgeon who had a compelling story of a near death experience that he wrote a book about, this book, and I thought “There’s the book.” And I ran out to get it.

Eben Alexander’s story is as credible as Burppo’s was not. Eben knows the brain, and before his own NDE he didn’t believe that they were anything other than hallucinations brought on by any number of reasons. He was a scientist and a skeptic, he believed in only the material world. Then one morning he awoke with severe back and head pain, he was taken to the hospital where after a spinal tap that showed his spinal fluid to be more puss than fluid, he was diagnosed with incredibly rare gram negative, E-coli bacterial meningitis. Something that was really not possible for him to have.

Eben went into a coma where all of his higher brain function ceased to exist due to the meningitis damaging his brain. He couldn’t hallucinate even if he wanted to, all that capacity was shut down, yet he had a very long and vivid NDE. In short, he went to a dark, muddy gelatin like place first, that he was not at all scared to be in because, as he states, “he had always been there”. From there he emerged into a beautiful, bright, ultra real place with a beautiful, blue eyed woman who was there to guide him. He learned many things instantaneously. He would think of a question and bam! The answer was there.

After a week, Eben came out of his coma. The doctors were amazed, because medically it should never have happened. When he came out of it he sat up in bed and was pretty much normal, except for some oddities that all coma patients face when they wake up. Eben, because of the severity of his illness should have been a vegetable, he’s not. He is back performing neurosurgery and writing books.

And just who was the girl who was his guide on the other side? Eben didn’t recognize her and was disappointed that his guide wasn’t his adoptive father who had already passed. He also had just connected with his birth family. He had met his birth parents and all of his siblings but one, a sister who had died a few years before. The family sent him a photo of his sister and, you guessed it, he recognized her as his guide.

This story is full of science, instead of manipulation. Eben doesn’t preach religion to his readers (unlike that other book) which lead me to believe his story. A Very interesting read.