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Enchant Him!: (How to Attract His Attention...Then Keep It - So He Only Thinks of You) - Racine Rodgers So, I was on the Facebook and I look over to the right side of the page and see an add for this thing. Normally I never click on any adds but I thought 'what the fuck is this?'

Next thing you know you are routed to an info-mercial with some women telling you she has this secret about men that only she knows and it's super simple and all. .....but she's going to tell it to you for free, just keep watching....she's gonna tell you any minute!! If I had watched the whole thing I'm sure there would have been some expensive download of this book....just so I'd get to know this secret......AAACCCCCKKKK!

The whole time she is asking if 'you have a man that is aloof and hard to get through too?" and shit like that. She also tells a story how she lost a guy to her best friend (he slept with said best friend, of course) and it was all her own fault!! If she had only known this secret she would have kept her man!!

This begs the question...

Why? Why would you want to keep some aloof, cheatin' ass man? Why? The only answer I can come up with is that you don't have enough self respect to find a decent person you can be partners with.....if you can't find that person, if all the men you run into are aloof, cheatin' ass men.......stay single from cripes shake!!

I weep for women like Racine.