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The Silver Star - Jeannette Walls I’m a fan of Jeanette Walls. Her memoir, The Glass Castle, is a book that keeps popping up into my consciousness every now and then at very odd times. I think that is a mark of a really great book. Though I really enjoyed The Silver Star, I don’t foresee the same thing happening.

Sisters, Bean and Liz Holladay have the misfortune of being the daughters of a supremely flakey mother, Charlotte, who doesn’t see a problem leaving a 12 and 15 year old home alone for weeks at a time. She has to find herself apparently. But in the women’s defense, she does leave enough money to keep the girls in chicken pot pies.

When people in the small, Southern California town of Lost Lake become suspicious, the sisters decide to leave and travel across country by bus to ‘visit’ their mother’s family in Virginia unannounced. Their Uncle Tinsley (hoarder) takes them in, reluctantly at first.

Not wanting to be a burden, the girls go in search of jobs. The only person willing and able to employ them is a man by the name of Jerry Maddox. Forman of the mill, formerly owned by the Holladay’s, he is the most powerful man in town, and the least popular. Most likely the result of being a Jackass.

I liked the book a lot…..but….

It started off really strong, but then it felt like it lost momentum. It’s not a bad book by far, but I felt like she kind of gave up little at some point while writing it. The ending was a little predictable, which was disappointing.

3.75 (Silver) stars.